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Sustainability Specialists in Bulgaria


Because of this growing role, CSR professionals practice their activities in one way or another in various businesses sectors, as well as local, regional and national governmental and public affairs bodies.

The pilot research of the Profile of CSR Professionals in Bulgaria 2018 proves that the sector is in early stage of its development in Bulgaria and CSR has not yet differentiated sufficiently as a separate management process in the companies. Professionals combine various activities and, logically, their competencies differentiate with the ones of their colleagues at global level.

Due to lack of budget and time limitations, they do not attend enough training. Being strongly engaged with the PR profession, significant part of their work continues to be dedicated to purely communication activities.

Based on these results we focus our efforts to:

• Advocate the recognition of the profession of CSR specialist in Bulgaria;
• Develop appropriate knowledge and capacity building programs in the field of sustainability and corporate responsibility;
• Build a professional community that shares joint values and standards of excellence at work.